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May 2016

11 usos del verbo Ser


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More irregular verbs

Today we present 9 irregular verbs that are very common in Spanish. Those verbs cannot be classified in a group like the verbs we studied last week. However, some of them are similar in their conjugation.

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Irregular verbs with some changes in their vowels

After studying regular verbs in present for some weeks, this week we have a post about some irregular verbs, classified in four main groups. Those groups helps students to remember the changes in the verb root. Now we present the groups and their characteristics.

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Regular verbs with -IR ending

We are back! This week we have the last post about regular verbs, this time with -IR ending. With this kind of verbs, the conjugation form is similar to -ER regular verbs. Again, you have to take into account the endings according to the person and the ending of the verb.

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